Creature Comforts Services

At Creature Comforts, we care for a wide variety of pets including:

Dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles & small animals (hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs).

Standard Pet Sit

Includes: exercise / play, feeding, poop scoop / litter box cleaning, houseplant watering, bring in mail & newspaper, bring trashcans to the curb, alter lights & blinds to maintain a “lived-in” appearance.

Dog Walking

Administering Medications

Pet Taxi

Need to get your pet to the groomer or vet? We can help!

Overnight Services

  • Standard = 5pm to 7am of the following morning
  • Deluxe = 24 hour stay

Have a pet care need that you don't see here? Please contact Creature Comforts to discuss further.


Dog Walk


Mid-Day Dog Walk

Morning Dog Walk

Pet Sit (dogs)

Pet Sit (cats)

Evening Dog Walk

Aquarium Service

Fish Feeding & Basic Aquarium Maintenance.

Late Night Tuck In

This service is primarily for dogs who don't like to be left alone for long periods and / or may have accidents if they are brought in for the evening at 7pm or 8pm.

Pet Sit

A full Service visit that includes playtime / walks, feeding and yard or litter box scooping.  This service can also be chosen for families with different types of pets such as cats & dogs or dogs, fish & birds, etc.

Bird Care

Pet Taxi

Transportation to and from Vet & Groomer appointments. 5 mile radius from your location. Vet appointments include 30 minute wait time.

Puppy Sit (45 mins.)

Basic puppy care - potty break, walk, playtime.

Puppy Sit (60 mins.)

One hour visit basic care - potty break, walks, playtime.

Midday Potty Break (20 mins.)

Late Evening Visit

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